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Lisa Druxman is an expert in fitness and wellness with a specialty in the mommy market. She also speaks on her experience as a mom entrepreneur, growing one of the fastest growing franchises in the country. In any of her sessions, you will walk away with inspiration and motivation to love the life you live. She can create special sessions for you based on your needs.

“There’s energy and then there’s energy with passion! Lisa Druxman engages audiences with a passion that is contagious. Lisa is informative, motivating and charismatic in delivering a presentation that hits it out of the ballpark." Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio and Founder of BlueSuitMom.Com.

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Mom On A Mission

Lisa Druxman is on a mission to help moms raise healthier children in a healthier world. To do this, she inspires moms to take better care of themselves. Lisa gives moms at any stage the strategies to eat better, exercise more and to model better behaviors for her family. Moms need to take care of themselves first and foremost. With Lisa’s help, they will understand how to be “model moms”.

Save The Children!

No mom wants to harm her child, yet we are doing just that through food, lack of exercise and the environment. This session will share with you the 10 simple things you can do to ensure a healthier life for your child.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Lisa shares her wisdom about how to find peace in motherhood and family while successfully running a business. She will share her top strategies for juggling the competing demands of life and yet still having time for personal health. Everyone wants more hours in the day. Lisa shows you how to make the most of the ones you have!

Living The 4 P’s (Passion, Purpose, Plan and Proactive)

Most of us are inundated with information overload, pressure and too many commitments. Lisa uses these 4 P’s to make sure that her daily life is fulfilling and meaningful. In this session, you will turn a reactive life in to a proactive one!

Secrets To Staying Positively Charged

In this session, Lisa will inspire you to keep a positive attitude no matter what gets in your way. Lisa shares her own personal experience as a young girl who was held up at gunpoint and how this positively changed the outlook on the rest of her life.

Babystep Your Way To Health

How many times have you set the same health or fitness goal only to be back to your old habits shortly after? You shouldn’t feel bad! Training a muscle is easy. Training your brain is hard. Lisa shares simple and realistic strategies that you can add in to your life each day so that you will soon have new healthy habits. With babysteps, you can get anywhere!