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Book: Lean Mommy

How do I get back into shape after giving birth? It's the question that all new moms ask. Lisa's book, LEAN MOMMY, brings the proven techniques of Stroller Strides to moms everywhere, with a total fitness program for prenatal and postnatal exercise and nutrition. In addition to stroller-based workout plans, Lisa outlines front-pack carrier workouts and eating plans to combat post-baby weight gain, energy loss, and mood swings. LEAN MOMMY gives moms the ability to have it all: satisfying workouts, real results, and bonding time with baby.


Mama Wants Her Body Back DVDs by Lisa Druxman

DVDs: Mama Wants Her Body Back

There are 7 major changes from pregnancy that can stay with us for years. Conventional exercise only addresses two. You need to focus on all 7 to get your Body Back. For the last 10 years Lisa Druxman has trained and changed the bodies of thousands of moms of all ages. With Mama Wants, you will get your Body Back and better.... Guaranteed!